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Natalia Drachinskaya



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The wo_Wide neural network was trained to construct a psychological portrait of a person from photos and videos stored in his mobile phone. wo_Wide is able to recreate a person's profile more accurately than current algorithms for analyzing actions and geolocations through a smartphone do. The new neural network works with arrays of photos and videos taken by the owner of the phone. The uniqueness of the algorithm lies in the fact that its developers managed to train the network to simulate the look and vision of the owner of the phone. As a result, the forecast of future human actions has become more reliable - the accuracy is 95.7%. The project presents one of the stages of the algorithm - matching visual files, searching for links and patterns. With this work, the author addresses the topic of personal data protection and the speculative construction of a virtual personality.

About the Artist

Natalia Drachinskaya is a graduate of ICA Moscow and Fotodepartament Institute. Participant of self-organization of artists “Baseless”. Co-founder of the nomadic gallery «Paul’s labyrinth». Works have been exhibited at the venues of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Cube Moscow, the Belyaevo Identity Center, the Peschanaya Gallery, the Electrozavod Gallery, Espace Des Arts Sans Frontieres (Paris) etc. The artist took part in the contemporary art fairs Win-win (Winzavod, 2021), Blazar (2020), the festival of contemporary photography “Presence” (St. Petersburg, 2019), the Night of Photography (Tblilsi, Georgia, 2019), the festival of contemporary art “Art-Subject” (Vladimir, 2018). In projects, she addresses the themes of space and time, memory. Uses various media: photography, sculpture, collage, installation.

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