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Описание изображения

93 studio (Leticia Almeida "Tanky", Mathías Chumino "C03ra")

Solar Indusium


About the Item

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"Solar indusium" is part of the artists' project Solar. Inspired by utopia and speculative design 93 studio creates artifacts and intervene public spaces physically and virtually.

This installment called Solar Indusium refers to the protective membrane of the Sorus, the cluster of spores found in ferns and fungi. This protective coat is used here as a metaphor of our urge to intervene in nature, modifying our surroundings as we please.

Is it for a better ulterior motive? We are the ones to take care of what we used and destroyed.

About the Artist

Leticia Almeida AKA Tanky is a multi disciplinary artist and a VFX producer. Her personal work explores the physical and digital transcendence, the construction of self, the relationship between identity, ego and vanity, and the representations of death and memento mori in the multiple digital realms.

Mathías Chumino aka C03RA is a multimedia artist specialized in experimental image and sound manipulation, using state of the art software and hardware. His work delivers captivating immersive experiences achieved by a combination of heavy image processing with polished aesthetics and a poetic vision of the world. His work in film and visual arts has been showcased and awarded in traditional and digital media and in many festivals around the world.

Tanky and C03RA are part of the musical project Clovvder and the XR studio 93 studio.

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