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Alexander Serechenko

Psi TV / ΨТВ


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"Psi TV" is generated on-fly by mixing together short videos from search engines, crawling bots and other services, used to index GIF animations from all over the Internet. Different animation layers blended in a random order, changing one another and updated by a new one infinitely. The next meme or topic is mathematically unpredictable, it may be created by someone several seconds ago. But, again by reason of the source, every clip is readable, understandable, contains a message for viewer. It is based on new media context of video content - people use memes to represent their real emotions and feelings, because memes shares clean semantics. Random blending of animations is the classical cut-up technique used by Burroughs and Gysin, but transferred into memes world. Sooner or later viewer will see the "deep meaning", even not only one. Like in a dream, or nightmare, unconsciously blended images and symbols find a new meaning.

Psi TV is a dreaming of internet itself, a paradox narrative, attracting by constant recognition and endless, unique plots, behind which there is no "right" meaning. The viewer is free to see what he wants.

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About the Artist

Alexander Serechenko is an artist and a programmer developing websites and making data analysis, also interested in networks, cryptography, and peer-to-peer protocols. Serechenko works in various mediums – generative Audio/Video, Web, AR, VR, etc – taking interactivity as an aesthetical instrument, aleatoric as an unlimited source of inspiration, and social networks as a communication strategy, believing it is a root system of human knowledge. He also builds and tests different improvisation systems, supposed or not to be interactive with the audience, environment, and social background. Part of an art duo Gray Cake (together with Ekaterina Pryanichnikova).

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