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Maria Agureeva/Tripura

Sand chimera. Hydra


About the Item

The main theme of Maria Agureeva's work is the interaction of nature and human global body. Specifically, this project is dedicated to human corporality. Modern philosophers, Yuval Harari and Daniel Kahneman, relying on the fact that today changes in the human world are taking place at a high speed, believe that in the near future technologies will become part of a new corporality. In her works, Maria proposes an alternative scenario in which the human body will develop not in the direction of manufacturability, but in the direction of natural symbiosis, as a result of which new forms of life are synthesized - no longer a person, but not yet a plant or animal, but something borderline.

Sound art: Dario Duarte Nunez

About the Artist

Maria Agureeva is an interdisciplinary artist working with sculpture, installation, performance, and video. In her works, she explores the relationship between the body of nature and the global human body. Ms. Agureeva graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, the Graphic Design Department, and ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow). She won the grant from Ruinart Art Patronat and TRUST FOR MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING and became a nominee of the Kandinsky Prize. Her residencies include 18th Street Arts Centre Los Angeles, Residence Unlimited New York, Via Farini (Milan). Selected solo exhibitions include Passing at Cosmoscow, Ruinart Art Patronat, Moscow; Dust at Coaxial Arts Foundation, Los Angeles; The dust of Pearl will settle down on soft skin covering all the cracks at Atrium Gallery, 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles. Selected group exhibitions include Mobius Loop at A-S-T-R-A Gallery, Spring break art show NY, New York; Technosphere by Supercollider Gallery x Femmebit, Spring break art show LA, Los Angeles; MMOMA 99/19, 20th anniversary exhibition at MMOMA, Moscow. Her works were exhibited throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, Regensburg, Venice, Saint-Petersburg, Vienna, and Milan. Born in Ukraine, Maria Agureeva resides and works between Los Angeles and Moscow.

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