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Mitry Grankov


About the Item

The video "Oxuadaudada" (2021) demonstrates fragments of real works of art from museum collections, translated into different languages using machine translation algorithms. Here the author is guided by the phenomenon of misuse of technology. Media theorist and former curator of the Guggenheim Museum Jon Ippolito notes that by misusing technology "artists can exploit a technology’s hidden potential in an intelligent and revelatory way". The title of the work contains the "dada" particle, generated by the machine and referring to the sound practices of the Surrealists and Dadaists, for example, to Kurt Schwitters' famous "Ursonate" (1932).

Mitry Grankov: "An attempt to find text in an image, especially in a work of art, with all the obviousness of a technical error, is a deliberate profanation of the universal verbalization characteristic of our time, a reaction to the penetration of text into the world of art."

About the Artist

Mitry Grankov (b. 1987) is an artist, musician, graphic designer, PhD (history). Graduated from the School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" MMOMA. As a musician collaborates with Integrative Theater Studio ITS Krug (The Meyerhold Theater Center resident). As an artist works with sound-art and objects, as well as video and installation. Focuses on historical studies (collective memory), and research the touchpoint of digital/analogue, old/contemporary, history/future.

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