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Utami Atasia Ishii

Not Today

About the Item

“Not Today” (2021) is a reconstruction temporary visual of migraine aura symptoms experience. The migraine itself is a condition that begins with a the stage of aura. During this stage the person see flashes of light. Aura visuals can occur in various forms and moves. The author says, that “Not today” was created to make the viewers feel and observe the process in these conditions.

About the Artist

Utami Atasia Ishii was born in 1996 in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Since 2014, she has led a life fully devoted to the arts. She has been painting for many years, and also she is working in the field of electronic music, video art, and interactive art. Utami Atasia Ishii has an interest in science as well. She integrates scientific research and tools to produce a different way to look at things.

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