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Arina Lir


About the Item

A distinctive feature of the culture and art of the Buryat people is mythology. However, over a long history all the images of spirits and gods were created by a human. Legends are passed down from generation to generation, almost unchanged. This project proposes the creation of images by neural networks based on a verbal description. Thus, the final picture is devoid of the experience of human life and any stereotypes.

About the Artist

Grigodas is a media artist from Irkutsk. Since 2014 she has been engaged in photography, she is a member of the Irkutsk Photographic Society. Since 2021, she has been working on generative design, sound art, video art and interactive installations. Interested in the theme of a human being, it's place in the world, it's origin and development. Currentry Grigodas is a master student at ArtTech NUST MISiS.

Arina Lir is a media artist. Her artistic practice lies in the fields of video art, digital graphics, generative design. She creates clothes and accessories as well. Her research touches upon themes of a human and his environment, cultural code. Currently Arina Lir is a master student at ArtTech NUST MISiS.

Other Works

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