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Ilya Martynov



About the Item

The project "SOS" is a hybrid of mockumentary and classical science art and manifests a new direction — mockumedia art. The video is based on a speculative decoding of the language of birds and its translation into human language. The movements of sparrows and tomtits recorded on the zoo webcam were taken as the initial data for the research. After analyzing the repetitive movements using the AI “”, 28 positions were selected. Each pose was assigned an individual sound signal and symbol, which correspond to the letters of the Khmer alphabet belonging to the group of tone languages. The tone of the letters corresponds to the signal system created by the analogue of the Morse code.

About the Artist

The artist was born in Samara. Student of The Rodchenko Art School. Works in various media: painting, installation,
sculpture, graphics, video and sound art. In his art practice Martynov engages fictitious replenishment of the lost reality. The artist actively participates in self-organizations and is co-founder of the art residence in Sochi (Russia). Since 2017 she has been participating in group exhibitions in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and in 2019 his personal exhibition "I like it" took place in Montenegro. Martynov is a nominee for the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (2020) and AZ Art Prize (2021). The artist's works are in Russian and foreign private collections. Lives and works in Moscow.


Other Works

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