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Описание изображения

Daria Ivans

Encounters at the end of the world near the Catholic Chapel at the Belgrano II base (Argentina) with all the emotional landscapes that follow


About the Item

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Philosophers often use imaginary lands to illustrate their concepts. Plato described Atlantis (in his works ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’), Voltaire wrote about Eldorado, and Friedrich Nietzsche adverted to Hyperborea. While being thought experiments or riddle-like examples at first, soon after these lands became objects for scientific speculations.

In this project a status of a thought experiment is being returned to Atlantis by searching for its coordinates in the virtual space. It is exciting to search for the land mentioned in many sources, even if one has to look for it thousands kilometers south from Attic Peninsula and finally find it somewhere on the white maps of Antarctica. Icy landscape hardens the land exploration, but this does not deter the characters of this project: Philosopher, Scholar, Artist, Film Director, and you.

In this work the artist raises the following questions: What do the characters look for in Atlantis which, in its turn, mimics Antarctic? What does the Philosopher — quite tired of epistemology questions and honest enough to clearly answer a question about his values — feel? What will the Scholar do after finding out the real origin of life on Earth? Why does the Artist want to tear himself to pieces and to be turned into fleshless corporeality of this land? Why does the Film Director so passionately compare under-ice exploration to entering a temple?

About the Artist

Daria Ivans from St Petersburg self-identifies as a xenomedia artist. She works at the intersection / crossroads of digital art and bioart and searches for opportunities for magical practices to be included in the field of art. She graduated from HSE University with a bachelor’s degree and is now a master’s student of Art&Science course in ITMO University.

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