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Описание изображения

Ekaterina Balaban


  • 2021
  • Digital collage, video
  • Courtesy of the artist

About the Item

Trash is gradually becoming a new geological layer on earth. Gigantic dumps are creating a new landscape visible even from space. Trash complexes are new monuments of our era and stunning works of land art, created by millions of people at once. ,In the future, perhaps our descendants will study the time in which we lived through our enormous ziggurats of trash.  

Balaban studies this problem using the Kuchino complex, located next to Balashikha,  as an example,   suggesting an examination of it as a new landmark. 

About the Artist

Ekaterina Balaban graduated with a master’s degree in political science and sociology from the European University in Saint Petersburg. She is a documentary photographer and a graduate of the DokDokDok School and the Rodchenko School.   She received the College Photographer of the Year award in 2017. Her attention is focused on the socially altered landscape, social memory and personal identity.

Other Works